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  PCNPs at the State Capitol

Everything nurse practitioners do starts and ends with our patients. We strive to provide the best quality care, and more than 9,200 Nurse Practitioners proudly care for Pennsylvania every day.

But outdated barriers to practice – already a thing of the past in other states – limit the care available to Pennsylvania patients. Thankfully legislation from Senator Pat Vance and Representative Jesse Topper will fix the problem and bring Pennsylvania in line with the national trend. 

Everyone has the ability to help: Nurse practitioners, students, physicians, patients and more. Our key strategy for the Care for Pennsylvania campaign is to help policymakers and the public understand the key role nurse practitioners fill and how our patients will benefit from a modern health care landscape. 

The key tool to accomplish this goal is you: your experience with nurse practitioner care. 

  • Share your story. The Care for PA campaign is active on social media. The more followers we have, the more likes, shares and retweets, the more people hear about this important issue. If you don’t already, like PCNP on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @PCNP_News. Use the hashtag #CareForPA whenever you post.

  • Show your story. The Care for PA campaign is collecting video stories from NPs who have made an impact in a patient’s life. Check out PCNP’s YouTube channel to see them. And if you have a story you’d be willing to tell, your Regional Representative will connect you with the communications team that manages the videos. 

  • Write about your story.* Health care is a major issue in the news. Help readers and viewers in your area understand how nurse practitioners help patients by writing a letter to the editor or op-ed.

  • Tell a lawmaker about your story.* Elected officials – especially State Senators and State Representatives – are very interested when their constituents have a position on an issue they must vote on. Writing a letter to a lawmaker, or scheduling an in-person visit – is a very effective way to help the campaign.  

  • Follow our progress. Click here to sign up for email updates about the campaign and specific ways you can help. 

* When it comes to policymakers or newspapers, it’s important that Nurse Practitioners be on the same page. PCNP has resources available to help Nurse Practitioners talk to elected officials and to write to your local newspaper. Please contact your Regional Campaign Representative for guidance. Don’t know your Representative? Email to get in touch. 


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