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PCNP is the state organization that promotes and protects the practice of over 15,000 Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners (CRNPs) in Pennsylvania. Formed in the 1980's by only 3 forward thinking NPs, PCNP now has 17 regional groups across the Commonwealth!


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Conference Registration is NOW OPEN! Visit the PCNP Conference page for more information and to register! 

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SB25/HB100 is currently with the House Professional Licensure committee. We need every State Representative to know how important this legislation is for patients, especially those on the Professional Licensure Committee. Check below to see if your Representative is a member and view their district and contact information here. There is an easy ways to contact your Representative. Please take time in the coming days to use this easy resource.  Use our easy tool in VoterVoice: It's simple - just type in your information and it will automatically send an email either asking your Representative to co-sponsor the bill, or thanking them for their support if they are already committed to co-sponsor it.


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