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The PCNP PAC is our Political Action Committee. This is a separate committee which exists to receive contributions from those supporting nurse practitioners and disburse those contributions to politicians, specifically to members of the PA General Assembly. We are not a federal PAC, so we can only give on the state level. By law we can only accept personal donations. Corporate contributions are prohibited. This money is kept in a separate account and reports must be filed several times a year with the state.

There is an old political adage that "In politics, if you don't give to your friends, you won't have any." Individual Senators and Representatives, as well as the Democratic and Republican caucuses and leadership, raise money for elections. Our lobbyist receives many invitations from legislators and staff asking her to attend their events, which are often $500 to $1000 a ticket. We need your financial support to help get our lobbyist in the room to put forth the nurse practitioner's agenda, promote the role of nurse practitioners and the contribution we provide improving access to health care in Pennsylvania!


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