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PCNP Meeting with the State Board of Nursing

Friday, July 20, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Katie Maher
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PCNP State Board of Nursing Update: New Licensing, Collaborative Agreements and Prescriptive Authority


Yesterday, PCNP took action in meeting with the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing (SBON) to discuss the delay in responding to NPs’ inquiries and to process new licensing, collaborative agreements, and prescriptive authority.

As many of you are aware, it has been very difficult in processing the above and virtually impossible to get through the SBON’s phone system to talk with someone. PCNP has been working very hard to assist our members by intervening with the staff on an individual’s behalf, and we have been very successful.

PCNP realized this wasn’t solving the problem and was only further delaying an already backed-up system. Requesting a meeting was the next step, which allowed us to understand the situation, hear the proposed solution, and represent your needs.

PCNP Executive Director Peggy Pearl and PCNP Treasurer Don Bucher met with individuals who are responsible for and oversee the department processing these requests. Those present from the Bureau were Commissioner Ian Harlow, Deputy Commissioner Katelin Lambert, Section Chief Laurette Keiser, and Clerical Supervisor Kori Lynn.

We are pleased to report a few things we were able to learn yesterday, and we were assured this division, and you, have the support from the governor and secretary to resolve the problems. All present acknowledged the problems and took ownership and expressed their desire to rectify the situation.

SBON Challenges

  •  Department attrition – about 30 FTEs
  • Ongoing paper process for school transcripts
  • Certification acknowledgements from national organizations
  • Prescriptive authority
  • Collaborative agreements

SBON Solution

  • Filled all but five vacant positions
  • Received approval for outside assistance in the process to work on backlog
  •  Made changes to the frontline, dedicating new staff to working phones
  • Training new staff to bring them up to speed


  • Preparing to debut a new online system via the Pennsylvania Licensing System (PALS) – This is HUGE and will eliminate a lot of the backlog and back-and-forth action!

We were able to demo the beta PALS system. Thanks to Don Bucher, we were able to offer some suggestions on tweaking the system that will help the end user. PCNP plans to help with education and roll out of the new system. Look out for helpful tips and education on the new prescriptive authority electronic commission.

We are not sure when this is going to be rolled out – we were told very soon. The online system will be almost immediate. This will eliminate a great deal of manual processes and will allow the staff to work more efficiently to process the requests. More information will be sent to PCNP members about this, so be sure to watch and read about this as it gets closer.

The SBON provided us with a status update as to where they are in process within each category:


Lag Time

Date Received by SBON



CRNP License


20 days


June 20

Additional items from external entities are needed to fully process: certification and school transcripts

Prescriptive Authority

27 days

June 14


Change Forms

18 days

June 25


This has been a very challenging time and has created a lot of anxiety and delays in working situations and hopefully we will see a decrease very soon. PCNP will continue to have open dialogue with the SBON and will continue to assist PCNP members as much as possible. As we receive updates, we will pass them along to you. 

Peggy Pearl, PCNP Executive Director


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