2018 Annual Conference Terms and Conditions
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The exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the PCNP, its officers, directors, agents and employees from any and all claims of liability of third parties arising out of or related to the acts of omissions of the exhibitor in connection with the exhibitor’s participation in the 2018 PCNP Annual Conference.

The exhibitor assumes entire responsibility and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and save the PCNP, Kalahari Resort and Convention Center and its employees and agents harmless against all claims, losses and damages to persons or property, or caused by exhibitor’s installations, removal, maintenance, occupancy or use of the exhibition premises or a part thereof, excluding any such liability caused by the sole negligence of the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center, its employees and agents.

Exhibiting Limitations
The PCNP reserves the right to stop or remove from the conference any exhibitor, or its representative, performing an act or practice when in the opinion of conference management is objectionable or detracts from the dignity of the conference or is unethical to the business purpose of the conference. Conference
management reserves the right to refuse admittance of exhibits or materials to the conference until all dues and fees are paid in full. No exhibitor shall hold any social event to which buyers are invited or entice buyers off the conference floor during official conference hours.

Booth Assignment
The PCNP reserves the right to place reasonable limitations on the number of booths or tables to be rented by any exhibiting company. The PCNP staff strives to provide a broad spectrum of products and services.

Booth Policy
Exhibit personnel may not enter, photograph or video another exhibitor’s booth without obtaining permission. This is out of respect for the rights of other vendors to conduct business during the exhibit hours without interference or improper intervention. The PCNP, its representatives and its staff shall have free access to any exhibit at all times in the performance of their assigned duties. It is against PCNP’s policy to “share” booth space. Each company that desires to conduct business at the PCNP Annual Conference must be an exhibitor or sponsor at the conference. Companies whose products are used in conjunction with each other are prohibited from exhibiting in the same booth. Companies are permitted to locate their booths next to each other on the Exhibit Hall floor, if they desire. PCNP staff members are able to assist in ensuring your booths are placed on the floor plan
to your best advantage during your booth draw time. Any company found to be in violation of this policy will be asked to remove all identifying information for the company that did not purchase a booth. This can include literature, signage, shirts with logos, etc. Companies that are not exhibiting at the conference cannot be represented at the conference in any manner.

Staffing of Booths
As a courtesy to our attendees, all exhibits must be open on time and remain staffed each day during the dedicated hours. Exhibitors are only required to staff their booths during dedicated hours. Staffing is optional outside of dedicated hours – the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center urge exhibitor representatives to exercise precautions to discourage theft. See schedule on page 3 for more information.

Dismantling of Exhibits
Dismantling of booth space prior to the designated teardown time is prohibited. This will result in a fine of $1,000 and possible loss of future PCNP exhibit participation. Arrangements can be made in the event that it is absolutely necessary, at the exhibiting company’s expense.

Exhibitor Service Kits
The Exhibitor Service Kit contains conference information, important dates and order forms for all conference services.

Compliance with Local Ordinances
Licenses and permits required by local statute, ordinance or regulation (if any) are to be obtained and paid for by the exhibitor. Each exhibitor will be individually responsible for compliance with local health, fire and safety ordinances and regulations. All products or services exhibited must comply with all state and local regulations, and with all current FDA regulations for such products and services highlighted in the section “FDA Compliance.”

PCNP has no further responsibility to notify the exhibitors that this compliance is required.

Damage to Hotel Property
Exhibitors will be held responsible for any damage done to the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center by them, their employees or their agents. No nails, tacks or screws may be driven into the floor, wall or woodwork of the building.

If you are using an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor [EAC] (an independent contractor hired by exhibiting companies to provide services that might include labor to build the booth, booth supervisors, booth designers, independent display companies, delivery personnel, technicians, manufacturing reps, etc.) for your booth, you are required to submit a Certificate of Insurance.

You are required to cover exhibit material against damage and loss and public liability insurance of at least $1 million per occurrence and $1 million per aggregate, against injury to the person and the property of others. Policies shall name PCNP as the additional insured. Certificates of Insurance must be received by Oct. 1, 2018.

Loss or Damage
All property of the exhibitor remains under the exhibitor’s custody and control while in transit to and from the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center, during installation and removal, and while it is in the confines of the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center.

Neither PCNP, the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center nor any other of the officers, directors, agents or employees of any of the same are responsible for the safety of the exhibitor’s property from theft, damage by fire, accident, vandalism or any other causes, and the exhibitor expressly waives and releases any claim or demand against any of them by reason of any damage to or loss of any property, except where the damage or loss is due to gross negligence or willful misconduct of the person or entities mentioned above, their agents or employees.

Company Description and Company Type

PCNP reserves the right to review and deny any companies based on the coalition’s conflict of interests.Company descriptions are required upon registration, and all companies will be reviewed to ensure that they fall into the scope of companies allowed to exhibit at the PCNP Annual Conference.

Cancellations and Non-Payment/Refunds
Any and all cancellations must be received in writing. PCNP reserves the right to resell any canceled space. Please see below for cancellation schedule:

  • If space is canceled before May 12, 2018, conference management will retain or exhibitor will pay a $300 cancellation fee.
  • If space is canceled between May 13, 2018, and Aug. 4, 2018, conference management will retain or exhibitor will pay a $500 cancellation fee.
  • If space is canceled between Aug. 5, 2018, and Oct. 6, 2018, conference management will retain or exhibitor will pay a $800 cancellation fee.
  • If space is canceled OR not paid in full after Oct. 6, 2018, conference management will retain or exhibitor will pay 100 percent of the total booth cost.

If the event is canceled because of reasons beyond the control of conference management, space fees or deposits already made will be returned to exhibitors on a pro rata basis, after all related event expenses incurred by conference management, through the date of cancellation, have been met and such refund shall be accepted by exhibitor in full settlement of all loss or damage suffered by exhibitor.

Space not paid in full by the deadline date of Oct. 6, 2018, will result in the space being released for non-payment. No exceptions will be made to this policy. Companies will be notified regularly of any outstanding balances. Deposits will not be returned, and no refunds will be issued after Oct. 6, 2018. Any company that registers after the Oct. 6 must remit full booth payment within one week of the registration date or booth space will not be guaranteed.
Show management has the absolute right to cancel the contract if exhibitor fails at any time to comply with any of the terms, provisions or conditions of the contract. Such cancellation shall be without liability on the part of the conference management, and in the event of cancellation, conference management shall retain all payments made by exhibitor for exhibit space. Conference management has the right to cancel the contract if exhibitor becomes insolvent.

Reservation of Right to Make Changes
Any matters not specifically covered herein are subject to decision by the PCNP Board and Chief Executive Officer. PCNP reserves the right to make such changes, amendments and additions to these rules as it considers advisable for the proper conduct of the exhibit, with the provision that all exhibitors will be advised of any changes.


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