A New Era in Shaping Health Policy
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A New Era in Shaping Health Policy


Director of Policy and Government Affairs:
Maria Battista, JD, Ed.D

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Comments Submitted on Behalf of PCNP

PCNP Request of Review of Board of Nursing Statement of Policy RN Administration of Conscious Sedation Medication - Submitted Dec. 28, 2018

PCNP Comment on SB780 - Telemedicine Act to Chairman MustioSubmitted Aug. 27, 2018

PCNP Comment on SB780 - Telemedicine Act to Sen. Vogel - Submitted June 14, 2018

PCNP Comment on Draft OMHSAS Guidelines for the Provision of Tele-Behavioral Health Services - Submitted May 29, 2018

PCNP Comment on CSM Direct Provider Contracting Models - Submitted May 25, 2018

 Notices and Upcoming Events

PA Department of Health | 49 Pa.B. 1224 | Extension of Temporary Scheduling of Fentanyl-Related Substances as a Scheduled I Controlled Substance | Notice

The Secretary of Health (Secretary) of the Department of Health (Department) issued notice of its intent to extend the temporarily scheduling of fentanyl-related substances for an additional year. On March 17, 2018, the Secretary issued a final order temporarily scheduling fentanyl-related substances that were not at the time listed in any schedule of The Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act (act) (35 P.S. §§ 780-101— 780-144). This extension of the temporary scheduling will maintain fentanyl-related substances in schedule I under the act while the Secretary goes forward with permanently scheduling fentanyl-related substances as schedule I substances. In this Commonwealth, there has been an increase in use of fentanyl-related substances to mix with heroin and other substances (such as cocaine and methamphetamine) or used in counterfeit pharmaceutical prescription drugs. These substances have a high potential for abuse and are widely available over the Internet. This prompted the Secretary to schedule fentanyl-related substances as schedule I controlled substances on a temporary basis. For additional information, contact the Department of Health, Bureau of Community Program Licensure and Certification, Division of Home Health, Drug, Device and Cosmetics Program, 132A Kline Plaza, Harrisburg, PA 17104, (717) 783-1379.



Office of Attorney General | Official Opinion 2019-2 | Request for Legal Opinion Concerning the Department of Human Services Concerning the Constitutionality of Section 3215 (c) of the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act Regarding Prohibiting the Expenditure of Medical Assistance Funds on Elective Abortion Services | Notice

The Department of Human Services sought a legal opinion from the Office of Attorney General regarding the constitutionality of section 3215(c) of the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act, 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 3201 et. seq. (the ''Act''), which prohibits the expenditure of Medical Assistance funds on elective abortion services. The Office of Attorney General concluded in its review that Section 3215(c) is constitutional. As such, Department of Human Services is bound to follow it.



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