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Q. Where do I find the CRNP regulations?

A. Click Here 

Q. How do I get an NP license in Pennsylvania?

A. RN and CRNP licensure information can be found on the State Board of Nursing website, (under Licensure Information link).

Q. How do I get Prescriptive Authority?

A. Download and complete the forms on the BON's updated website. The prescriptive authority information includes the current application form, pharmacology course verification form, and the Board-approved  Collaborative Agreement Form (which is on pages 5 and 6).

Q. What happens if I need to make changes to my collaborative agreement?

A. The Prescriptive Authority Collaborative Agreement Change Form must be submitted for:

  • termination of agreement
  • additional substitute physician(s)
  • deletion of substitute physician(s)
  • change in drug schedule (s)
  • change of primary practice location


Q. What are the fees for CRNP licensure and prescriptive authority?

A. Summary of Fee Schedule

The following fees are charged by the Board:

  • Certification $100
  • Biennial renewal of certification $50
  • Verification of certification $15
  • Application for prescriptive authority $50
  • Each additional collaborative agreement for prescriptive authority $30
  • Biennial renewal of prescriptive authority $25


Q. How do I renew my NP license and prescriptive authority?

A. In Pennsylvania we have an RN "license" and CRNP "certification" from the state, not a 2nd license, even though it is commonly referred to as a CRNP license. This should not be confused with national certification which is required to get a new CRNP "license" effective 2/05.

For those who are newly licensed CRNPs, your CRNP will renew when your next RN license is renewed. (So for many people it is less than 2 years, depending on when your RN renewal and initial CRNP licensure fall. Yes, you have to pay the renewal fee.) Thereafter, they will always renew at the same time. If you have prescriptive authority, it will also renew at the same time, regardless of when you initially obtained it. (This is assuming your collaborative agreement is still in effect. If it is not, you have an obligation to notify the BON with the change form as noted above.)

Until now, prescriptive authority has automatically renewed with your CRNP license. Now that the fees are in place, a renewal for prescriptive authority will come with your CRNP license renewal. This is effective with the April 2006 renewal cycle since the fees were approved in Dec 2005. Fees will NOT be retroactive. Those who already have prescriptive authority with a collaborative agreement will not be charged an application fee, only the renewal fee when the time comes to renew.


Q. What are the new requirements for continuing education for CRNPs?

A. The continuing education regulations for CRNPs were finalized on Dec. 4, 2004. 

"Beginning with the April 30, 2007 renewal, CRNPs will be required to verify that they have completed at least 30 hours of continuing education in the two years preceding the renewal (from April 30, 2005 to April 30, 2007). CRNPs renewing in April and October 2005 and April and October 2006 will not be required to show that they have completed 30 hours of continuing education in the previous biennium. However, CRNPs renewing in 2005 and 2006 should begin to accumulate continuing education hours from Board-approved providers following the renewal, so that they will have completed 30 hours within the two-year period preceding their next biennial renewal."

The continuing education requirement for prescriptive authority is 16 of those 30 hours must be pharmacology credits in the 2 year renewal period. Please see below for the approved CE providers.

The NP will be required to sign a statement saying he or she has met the continuing education requirements when the CRNP license is renewed. Not every NP will have to submit proof (actual certificates). The Board randomly audits licensees for proof of continuing education completion. 

The actual CE regulations can be found here.

Q. What CE programs are approved by the BON?

A. According to the regulations, the following continuing education providers are approved:

  1. Board-approved CRNP educational programs and CRNP educational programs approved by other state boards of nursing or that hold current accreditation issued by a National nursing accreditation organization.
  2. National and international nursing organizations and their state and local affiliates.
  3. National and international medical and osteopathic organizations and their state and local affiliates.
  4. National pharmaceutical organizations and their state and local affiliates.
  5. National nursing specialty organizations.
  6. Continuing education programs approved by other state boards of nursing for advanced practice nurses or nurse practitioners.

The 16 hours of pharmacology continuing education needs to specify pharmacology. Most NP conferences now split out the number of hours that are pharmacology. The AMA's CME (ACCME) is not able to do that.

One easy way to obtain AANP-approved pharmacology hours is the "Prescribers Letter". See their website for more information.  


Q. Where do I find the regulations for Long Term Care Nursing Facilities?

A. Click Here

The actual CE regulations can be found here

Q. How can I conduct research/collect data?

A. PCNP supports APRN research and quality improvement initiatives to advance the health of our nation. An important part of professional practice is supporting and engaging in research and quality improvement projects that promote the advancement of clinical practice for APRN’s and improve the health and quality of life of our patients. Opportunities to conduct such activities are available in three ways, including:

  1. Electronically
  2. USPS Mail
  3. PCNP Annual Conference

If you are interested in conducting research, please download and review the PCNP Research and Data Collection Policy. All research proposals must be submitted electronically, using this policy. Validation of the proposal will be made by the PCNP Research Committee. If approved, at the time of approval, the researcher will receive details and instruction to process payment.

After reviewing the policy, you may click here to submit a proposal today.



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